Gaz provides caricatures for lots of different clients. He regularly entertains guests at corporate events, Christmas parties, charity fundraising events and much more.

Commission Gaz for your next corporate event or private party.  Not only is a great way of entertaining guests and clients, but they also get to keep a unique and unusual momento of the evening!

For more information on how you can book Gaz for your next party or meeting, or to commission Gaz for a unique caricature portrait of yourself, please email

Abidur 20 May 2009Young Man Poco Loco 7 May 2009Young Lady at Poco Loco 7 May 2009Vicki 8 May 2009Stephanie 8 May 2008Richard Poco Loco 7 May 2009Neal Caricature 7 May 2009Muddie Director Of Snap Arts Poco Loco 7 May 2009Eric At Poco Loco 7 May 2009DJ Rom from Diverse Radio Poco Loco 7 May 2009Ciara Luton Cultural Services Trust Poco Loco 7 May 2009Alex Owner of Poco Loco Restaurant Luton UKAndy Grays


One response to “Caricatures

  1. Loving these, hope you are going to add Pauline and I to your fabulous hall of fame – cheers Ruby

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